MamaMia! has established itself as a premium brand that uses authentic Italian technology and knowhow to create artisanal, gourmet gelato and frozen desserts.  We are an ISO 22000: 2005 and HACCP certified company.

Our vision is to be the leader in the gelato (ice Cream) and frozen dessert industry by providing innovative and healthy desserts of superior quality. 
We believe in growing through creativity, constant innovation and ingenious invention. We integrate honesty, integrity and ethics into all aspects of our business processes.  We are constantly evolving our products to meet customer needs:  our extensive R&D department is expert at churning out fat-free, sugar-free, and even gluten-free gelato flavors to cater to our health-conscious consumers. 

MamaMia!, introduced authentic Italian gelatos to India in 2005, and has been doling out scrumptious, indulgent and premium desserts ever since. These hand-crafted, artisanal scoops of deliciousness are concocted with high quality ingredients that are sourced from various parts of the world. Each flavor is created to tantalize consumers’ taste buds and to give them a unique experience in terms of taste and texture. 
The MamaMia! recipe contains only dairy fat, and has, on an average, 50 percent less fat than regular ice cream. Our sorbets are 100 percent fat free!  Our gelato technicians are constantly creating enticing flavors and whipping out some crazy combinations that will keep you coming back for more! (Blue cheese gelato anyone?) 

Treat yourself to a MamaMia! gourmet experience and we promise you a taste of Italy! Delizioso!

In its next growth phase, MamaMia! is focusing on expanding nationwide through franchises, and on creating a robust distribution channel of its epicurean gelato tubs and prepackaged, frozen desserts. 

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Akshat Singhania and Adhiraj Thirani are the men behind MamaMia!’s phenomenal success.  Their friendship goes a long way back, and is built on the solid foundation of a shared passion for good food.  Armed with a versatile palette and a degree in biotechnology from the University of Herfordshire, U.K., Akshat understands the science behind gelato (ice cream) at a molecular level and is able to create unconventional flavors. Akshat lends his experience to the quality control and production related aspects of the business. 

Adhiraj, armed with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Kent, U.K. and having studied entrepreneurship development from M.I.T., Massachussetts, USA, provides MamaMia! with marketing, branding and strategic direction.  Together, the duo has grown MamaMia! into a nationally recognized brand. They now plan to turn MamaMia! Into a diversified FMCG company with a multiproduct portfolio, centered, but not limited to frozen confection.

Mama Mia Food Pvt. Ltd.
CIN No-U15122WB2013PTC198081
Sadananda Industrial Estate, Balitikuri,
Bakultala, Howrah – 711113
Contact: +91 8334800001