About Us

The Mama Mia! Values


Mama Mia! gelato is made fresh daily with the finest ingredients sourced from various parts of the world. Belgain cocoa, Sicilian Lemons or natural vanilla beans- we believe in the best.


"Innovation In Ice" is the mantra at Mama Mia! Every flavour and product has been created with the aim of offering the customer a unique and unusual product.

Our extensive R&D department, in consultancy with chefs in Italy, strive to roll out new creations on an ongoing basis.


Mama Mia! gelato is all about being sinful without any sin! With our fruit gelato being 100% fat free and the cream gelato, 96% fat free, you don't need any extra hours on the treadmill after being indulgent. Our Dialite Sugar Free range is a treat for the diabetic.

An Experience

Mama Mia! is not only about a premium product but a delightful experience. To achieve this, we only retail exclusively from attractive gelato boutiques. Our policy of unlimited tasting and commitment to friendly and efficicent service makes the Mama Mia! experience an addiction.

Company Background

Mama Mia! was started by Natasha Aggarwal in May 2005. After training in a gelataria under chef Danielle Ghisalberti in Bergamo, Italy, for 6 months, Natasha opened the first Mama Mia! gelataria in Kolkata. The company has gradually grown and now boasts of nine outlets in Kolkata,

Mama Mia! is part of the Induss Ice-cream group, owned by the Aggarwal family. Their industrial ice-cream brand,Rollick, has been a dominant player in Eastern India for the last 15 years.