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Mama Mia! pioneered the concept of gelato in India in 2005. Our founders trained under Chef Danielle Ghisalberti in Italy. Mama Mia! was created with one purpose in mind, to serve the most outstanding and no compromise creations to our customers. A purpose we uphold to this very day. Our products are made from the finest ingredients and are natural in every way. We could go on but we prefer to let our product do the talking!

Gelato is an Italian form of ice cream. It’s different from ice cream in many ways. It generally contains lower fat than ice cream, it’s usually made from the most premium and natural of ingredients and it contains less air than ice cream and hence its denser and more creamy.

Akshat Singhania
Akshat had always liked cooking and baking (with great success!) since a very early age. No wonder he worked also as a part-time assistant baker at a popular UK bakery while studying. From writing anonymous reviews for review websites in the UK to creating a brand in India, Akshat and food seem always to go hand in hand.
Adhiraj Thirani
Adhiraj and food have had a love affair since his childhood when he nearly chopped his finger off in an attempt to cook. Fortune, however, favours the brave. The aromas of cooking never left his mind. His Italian honeymoon told him exactly what to do with his professional life. Bring the delicate tastes of Italy’s gelatos to India. And so he did! 



The Italians don’t just eat gelato. they experience it. Come, experience it with them at three different kinds of Mama Mia! stores. With over 70 different flavours, from the classic Belgian Dark Chocolate to the unusual Caramel Popcorn, there is something for everyone. And then some.

Oh, and let’s not forget the delicious new range of gelato in tubs you can take home and share with all your folks.


Fine Italian desserts, in your living room!


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  • Gelato is the Italian word for Ice-Cream, it may seem similar to Ice-Cream but its different in many many ways. Gelato has a totally different origin and production process. Gelato typically has less air than Ice Cream and less fat and is usually made from finer ingredients. How much less fat you ask? Well some of our flavours have almost 70 percent less fat than Ice Cream. Mama Mia! Gelato is particularly special because we make it from scratch with the finest ingredients from all over the world. Our 100% Vegetarian flavours are hand variegated and packaged in the traditional Italian way. Our Coffee for example comes from Colombia (South America) our Vanilla from Madagascar (Africa), we could go on and on but we prefer to let our product do the talking!

  • Sorbet is a frozen dessert made from fruit, water and sugar. It does not conatin dairy and is hence totally fine for people with dairy allergies like lactose intolerance etc. Mama Mia! sorbets have a high concentration of natural fruit, so much so that its almost like eating the real thing only much much better. Sorbets are much lighter than ice creams and contain ZERO fat apart from the whats in the fruit naturally. That’s right, eat a scoop, or four.

  • Gelato is made with a different technological process and has a completely different formulation. Gelato typically contains a lot less fat than Ice Cream. It also contains less air than ice cream. This means there is no fat covering the tongue and theres more flavour per gram of product in gelato. The net result is more taste, less air and less grease. Gelato typically is also made with finer natural ingredients than ice cream and as a result is a much more premium tasting product that is far healthier than your average scoop of ice cream.

  • At Mama Mia! we make our product in the traditional manner as the Italians. By hand and we strive to use the finest ingredients from all over the world. Our Coffee for example comes from Colombia (South America) and our Vanilla from Madagascar (Africa). Our formulation is especially different because it contains no Vegetable fat and overall contains less fat than Ice Cream. Our gelato techs love making mad cap flavours and we have a portfolio of hard to beat classics and some crazy concoctions. Combine that with our Sugar free, gluten free and fat free varieties and you can see that we are pretty different. Like the Italians we are very passionate about our product which is why we eat most of it ourselves! We could go on and on, but we prefer you try us and know for yourself!

  • YES. On an average Mama Mia! has about 40 to 60% Less fat than Ice Cream. Some of our flavours are 80% lower in fat. Our sorbets are 100% fat free!

  • NONE. Apart from the miniscule amount contained in the fruit itself.

  • If you consume 6 Scoops or 1 500ml Tub of Ice Cream a month per year, you end up consuming about 6 Litres of Ice Cream a year. Premium Ice Cream has roughly 16% fat or 16 grams per 100 grams of fat. This means you have consumed almost (16% of 6000ML) 960 ML of pure FAT in a year. Think of a 1 litre bottle of mineral water. That’s how much. 

    With Mama Mia!, you end up consuming almost a Third of that amount.

  • The question is where do we not get our ingredients from! Our ingredients come from all over the world. For example our Coffee comes from Colombia (south America) our Vanilla from Madagascar (Africa) our Mangoes from Pune (India) our Pistachios from California (North America). We could go on but our competition will get scared.

  • Our products contain natural flavours and nature identical flavourings. Some of our products contain variegates and inclusions that may contain small amounts of essences.

  • The jars are freezer safe however they are not dishwasher or microwave safe. Please do not put hot items in the jars.

  • The Jars are made from high quality PET and are very much reusable. Please reuse them.

  • Sometimes during distribution or in the store a tub may have the chance to thaw out and re freeze causing the ingredients to separate or develop ice crystals. Mama Mia! maintains strict temperature control of the products however once it leaves our roof it is hard to control the care being provided. If your store bought product has such issues please take it back for a replacement. Alternatively please contact us so that we may take it up with the store where you purchased the item.

    If this happens in your home freezer, we suggest you ask a refrigeration technician to check out your freezer. It is also prudent to consume our product within 3 days of opening the container.

  • All our sorbets are dairy free.

  • All our fruit based sorbets are gluten free. Many of our fruit based gelato flavours that do not have any inclusions such as brownies, sponge or biscuits are gluten free as well.

  • All our sorbets are Vegan.

  • Please get in touch with us. Let us know the store where you did not find your favourite flavour and we will have it restocked as soon as we can and inform you.

  • Emulsifies and Stabilisers are natural products like Guar Gum or Carob Gum etc. They improve the texture of the Gelato and prevent it from melting too quickly. They have long names, and for the sake of convenience they are usually represented by INS or E numbers. 

  • The product itself is made in India. However most of our ingredients are imported.

  • The products we make are processed in a factory that processes nuts of various kinds and dairy. Please check with your physician before consuming products you may be sensitive to.

  • Glucose is a form of sugar, it helps add sweetness to our product while improving the texture by retarding the growth of ice crystals.

  • Since our products have low fat, whey protein is used as a substitute to add body and texture.

  • Sip on some warm water!

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  • Gelato cakes are the perfect marriage between Ice Creams and pastries. Luscious ice cream is layered between delicious sponges and topped with various sauces.

  • A Concretti is our version of a thickshake. Gelato blended into a milkshake. They are available at our Mall kiosks and Signature stores.

  • Think of a Cola Float. You got it.

  • Nope. No. Never.

  • Yes. Totally Vegetarian.

  • Yes. Totally Vegetarian.

  • Not at all.

  • We do not use vegetable Fat.

  • Medium fat ice cream as classified by FSSAI has under 10% fat. Our Gelato falls within this category. Normal Ice Cream is above 10% fat.

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